Sep 25, 2014

Scott Krug Is Last-minute No-show to Meet with Voters at "Living Better" Forum

Update: A source close to the event said that Krug's office claimed a "scheduling conflict." A phone call mad this morning to Krug's Madison office was not answered.
In a bizarre move State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) has backed out at the last minute from a candidate forum co-sponsored by public health groups.

Krug's opponent, Dana Duncan, said Krug's action was "disrespectful."

The Living Better forum was planned by the Healthy People Wood County, the Asian American Tobacco Prevention Network of Wisconsin, the Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition and the Northwoods Coalition and had received confirmations from both candidates for the 72nd assembly district, Scott Krug and Dana Duncan.

Scott Krug
Krug's move came with no public explanation or mention on his campaign or office site.

The amount of work and planning that goes into hosting a candidate forum is immense and for Krug to back out at the last minute evinces the conventional wisdom that Krug is disconnected from his district in central Wisconsin.

Krug is generally regarded as the most vulnerable of Wisconsin candidates running for office.

The forum was to take place this Thursday evening at 5:00 at the Wisconsin Rapids Community Theater.

Krug's personal history is also bizarre. In his campaign site where political candidates typically offer a self-serving bio, Krug offers an "About Scott" section composed entirely of vague Issue positions.

Regarded as a political lightweight who cannot think well on his feet, Krug is also confirmed to meet at a candidate forum on October 6 at 6:30 pm at the Wisconsin Rapids Performing Arts Center, co-sponsored by Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors and Rome and Saratoga Friendly (Facebook), two pro-water groups opposing the siting of a hazardous concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO).

Krug was the 2012 recipient of the Dairy Business Association's (DBA) Legislative Excellence Award. The DBA is the primary political and industry force behind CAFOs.

Krug's opponent, Dana Duncan, was harshly critical of Krug backing out of the forum at the last minute calling the move another "broken promise" referring to Krug's broken campaign pledges to serve only two terms and to not accept "one cent" of per diem money from tax payers.

Both promises were broken by Krug drawing high-profile commentary around the state. See "Wisconsin Rep. Scott Krug shrugs off broken campaign promises" (Bice, May 12, 2012) and "Rep. Scott Krug reneges on promise to never take per diem money" (Bice, March 2, 1014)

Reads Duncan's press release:

Krug continues to break promises to the people of the 72nd District

PORT EDWARDS - Despite previously confirming his attendance, Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) has chosen at the last minute to back out of the upcoming Living Better and Longer Candidate Forum in Wisconsin Rapids. Unfortunately, this is just the latest in a long line of broken promises from Rep. Krug.

“Since Scott Krug has already broken promises to only serve two terms in the Assembly and to never claim a dime of legislative per diem money, his latest actions are unfortunately not at all surprising,” Dana Duncan (D-Port Edwards), candidate for the 72nd Assembly District, said. “By going back on his word again and dodging questions about how to improve public health in our community, Scott Krug is being disrespectful to his constituents and to the groups that take the time to help inform voters about these important issues.”

Dana Duncan will attend the forum to discuss critical public health topics such as alcohol and tobacco use, combating obesity and improving oral health.

“As a candidate for State Assembly, I believe it’s important to be accessible and accountable to the voters of the 72nd District, even if Rep. Krug does not,” Duncan said. “It is important to examine and think about important issues if you want to do what is right for your constituents and not just rely on party policies and ideology. I look forward to tackling these important public health issues and I want to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to do so.”0

The forum will take place Thursday evening at 5:00 at the Wisconsin Rapids Community Theater. Sponsoring the forum are Healthy People Wood County, the Asian American Tobacco Prevention Network of Wisconsin, the Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition and the Northwoods Coalition.

Dana Duncan has been the President of the Port Edwards School and has faced challenging issues in public education. Dana is also a small business owner who started his own law firm in May 2011 with three employees that has since grown to 13 regular employees. His business involves complex issues in disability law and is also an active member of the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.

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