Sep 25, 2014

MilkSource CAFO Not Lowing: Groundwater Monitoring Ruling Is "Unfair"

Wisconsin Administrative Law Judge, Jeffrey D. Boldt's decision (Capital Times document) earlier this month was hailed as a major victory by pro-water advocates pitting the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Milk Source Holding LLC (a Big Ag CAFO owner) against the Family Farm Defenders, Friends of the Central Sands and residents and pro-water activists.

This is because Judge Boldt ruled that the DNR had to consider the cumulative effects of high capacity water wells in light of the scientifically demonstrated consequences on everyone's water in the region.

Another Boldt decision has the polluters of Wisconsin waters upset.

Boldt ruled last week that the DNR has the right and obligation to require groundwater monitoring at the New Chester Dairy, owned by Milk Source, and the largest dairy in Wisconsin.

"The owners of the New Chester Dairy operation in Adams County say a recent court decision that upheld the right of the Department of Natural Resources to mandate groundwater monitoring on their farm unfairly singles them out. The Kaukauna-based Milk Source LLC, which is also developing the proposed Richfield Dairy, says they object to the state's arbitrary placement of this requirement on a dairy to the exclusion of the other groundwater users," says the Wisconsin Ag Connection.

It's enough for Milk Source to suck up millions of gallons of fresh water and send it back as liquid cow manure.

Nor it is enough for Milk Source to give $Six figures to Scott Walker and have it come back as equally fetid policy.

Milk Source wants no one looking at its operations.

Writes Town of Rome citizen, Donald Ystad:

Poor, poor pitiful MilkSource Holdings. 

The same people who rolled over the uninformed community of New Chester, doubling down their CAFO after the first year to 10,000 cows, ruining their roads, their property values, and their lifestyle. 

And, the same guys who are trying to roll over the people in Richfield, where their community has spent $300,000 so far fighting off MilkSource with their proposed Richfield dairy CAFO in the courts. 

They contend that they are being "unfairly singled out" because they are being forced to put in monitoring wells. 

Give me a break, please!  

They are the poster child for dairy CAFOs out of control in WI.

Thank goodness for the likes of Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Boldt, a clear thinker helping to undo the political damage of the past couple years. 

Keep on rollin, Judge Boldt!

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