Jan 13, 2014

Veterans' Suicide Rate Triples

"At least 22 veterans commit suicide every day and young male veterans under the age of 30 are three times more likely to commit suicide when compared to civilian males in the same age bracket, according to a new briefing released (last week) by the Department of Veteran Affairs." 

That's the news from Esther Yu-Hsi Lee in ThinkProgress.

The Obama administration has ditched the imbecilic approach to veteran-troop-Marine suicide that, for example, was taken up by the Bush-Cheney bunch that blamed "erosion of adherence to existing ... policies and standards" as the culprit of combat veterans offing themselves.

One thing that doesn't help veterans is local overzealous district attorneys trying to pad their resumes over the lives of Marines and troops returning home and trying to repair their lives after war.

Screw veterans, says Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker.

Walker has plenty of company from the chicken-hawk-heavy Republican Party.

But then again if veterans are part of the "47 percent," I guess in the Republican mind, they get what they deserve.

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