Jan 10, 2014

Scott Walker Wants to Jack-up Taxes to Pay Campaign Contributors

Scott Walker to Wisconsin: You don't vote
for me, then you will pay with higher taxes
Scott Walker has gone berserk while in hiding from the Wisconsin people.

The Tea Bagger Scott Walker wants to stick it to Wisconsin citizens with a huge, wasteful and regressive 13.5 percent sales tax in a new radical body blow to Wisconsin families.

The last time a Wisconsin Republican governor got the bright idea of instituting a sales tax to pay for corporate interests was in 1995.

That was when Tommy Thompson decided to stick it to southeastern Wisconsin with a five-county 0.1 percent sales tax to pay for the public relations campaign for a new Brewers stadium, among other corporate costs for which Thompson wanted Wisconsin citizens to pay.

This led directly to the successful recall election of former Wisconsin State Senator George Petak (R-Racine).

Now, Scott Walker wants the same thing on a statewide basis, with the hope that no one is paying attention.

Walker wants to institute a statewide sales tax that would be the highest in the nation, that eliminates corporate and state income taxes.

Meanwhile Walker's administration continues its secret meetings on how to reward its campaign contributors while stiffing Wisconsin families.

Don't look for Scott Walker's first listening session with the Wisconsin people three years into his first term. Listening to the people of Wisconsin will never happen.

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