Nov 12, 2013

Republicans Are Getting Routed at Wisconsin Voter ID Trial

Voter obstruction now, voter obstruction
forever, says GOP
Judged by every report I've read on the federal trial challenging Wisconsin's photo voter ID law, one can compare the trial to an unprecedented rout in a pro football game.

On one side we have the pro-voting rights citizens against the Republican Party's voter obstruction law.

With the testimony of the elderly, veterans, minorities, with lots more to come, an appropriate football analogue for the pro-voting rights case is the combined starters of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks against the Republicans' anti-voting team—the practice squad of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Republicans are getting slaughtered in court, and they know it.

Hey, the Republicans may have the disavowed and discredited report of the ex-Milwaukee, racist cop, Michael Sandvick and his gang that can't shoot straight.

The GOP knows the game is over.

So, naturally they have just passed another voter ID obstruction bill in the Wisconsin State Assembly. And the GOP introduced a voter obstruction attack on early voting, with the effect of taking away voting rights and community control.

From United Wisconsin:

United Wisconsin Executive Director Lisa Subeck released the following statement on today’s passage of Assembly Bill 493 (AB 493) by the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. The bill now heads to the State Assembly.

“Wisconsin’s Voter ID law is nothing more than a politically motivated attack by Republicans on our voting rights, and AB 493 marks the GOP’s latest attempt to circumvent a court order barring its enforcement. Despite narrowly carved out exemptions, AB 493 still leaves many voters – particularly low-income, minority, senior citizen, and student voters – without access to the ballot. Faced with significant statewide electoral losses in 2012, Assembly Republicans are now scrambling to game the system ahead of the 2014 elections by disenfranchising those voters they see as least likely to support their own candidates. Voting provides each of us a voice in choosing our representatives and is critical to our freedom and our democracy. The State Assembly should reject AB 493, as well as any other attempt to implement Wisconsin’s unconstitutional Voter ID law.”

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