Nov 13, 2013

House Bill for Veterans ID Would Thwart GOP Voter Obstruction Efforts

Not good enough to vote, says GOP.
John Evans of San Marcos, Texas lives in the kingdom of voter obstruction—Texas, the state we stole from Mexico in the 19th-century American war of aggression.

We're not going to give Texas back. But John Evans would like see democracy back in Texas, and for starters halt voter obstruction against veterans.

Evans is circulating a petition for a national veteran ID card that would, among other objectives, assure the right of registered, constitutionally qualified veterans to vote in Republican states where GOP obstruction laws (restrictive photo voter IDs) block many veterans from voting, like Wisconsin.

The petition is for the House bill, H.R. 2985, the Veterans I.D. Card Act, which veterans could obtain on a voluntary basis.

As Republicans in the House of Representatives don't do much work, scheduling only a handful of working legislative days the rest of the year, likely the Veteran’s I.D. Card Act won't see any action in 2013.

But guaranteeing that at least veterans are not blocked from voting is a start to restoring American democracy for the 21-million veterans whom Republicans refer to as "takers" and "moochers."

A  U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs (DVA) (VA) Veterans Identification Card (VIC) is not good enough for Wisconsin Republicans and Republicans in other states to prove that veterans are the Americans they say they are.

Writes Evans: "Currently, only veterans who have retired from service or who are receiving services from the Veterans Administration are nationally recognized for their service to their country. It is time to provide all veterans that have serviced in the Armed Services and have been honorably discharged, a nationally recognized ID Card."

Perhaps we can see H.R. 2985 voted on next year. So, please sign the petition for the House bill, H.R. 2985.

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