Nov 5, 2013

Iron County Malicious Prosecution Case Profiled in 'Injustice Anywhere' Site

A national organization working to correct wrongful convictions and malicious prosecutions is featuring the case of Don Miller from Hurley, Wisconsin in Iron County.

Injustice Anywhere features a link to the Miller case, a man who was railroaded in 1997 by the imbecilic Iron County DA, Martin Lipske.

We will keep you posted on this case, the most famous case few have ever heard about.



  1. Just a thought- This story is prime material for Nancy Grace. Have you tried contacting her and sending material to her show? If she were to take it, she would put the national spot light on the case.

    1. I have not.

      This is an excellent idea. Perhaps Ms. Grace will find freeing the innocent as engaging an enterprise as castigating those she has determined are guilty.