Nov 5, 2013

GOP War on Voting Wages Across Nation

GOP to voters: You have no business here
The Republican Party's mission is to stop you from voting, if you vote the wrong way.

Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans know well that if voters turn out, Republicans lose elections.

In Republican land, this means the political solution is to stop voters—adding new requirements to vote, attacking early voting, and a host of other new election shenanigans the GOP is trying to rush through the legislature.

Chuck Quirmbach reports the "federal trial is underway in Milwaukee regarding the currently suspended Wisconsin law that requires voters to have a photo ID."

Civil rights v. the Republican Party, and the war is on across the country.

From Texas to Virginia to Minnesota and Wisconsin, the GOP message to voters is:  Do not vote.

Rachel Maddow reports GOP officials are now openly gloating over prospects that voters will be sufficiently obstructed in November 2014 so the GOP can stay in power.

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