Sep 8, 2013

USA Today Piece on GTac Is Uncritical Mining Company PR

Carol Pogash in her piece for USA TODAY goes out of her way to accept Gogebic Taconite's (GTac) PR as fact, and presents a superficial piece of journalism typical of the corporate press.

A couple of examples:

"In March, the governor signed the law, written with GTac's help."

Right, GTac helped alright. They wrote the bill, even the GOP admits this.

"The mine would be built by Gogebic Taconite (GTac), creating 700 jobs and indirectly, several thousand more."


But this is according to GTac's Northstar Study, "The Economic Impact of the Gogebic Taconite Mine," which was commissioned by GTac; thus reported as fact by Pogash.

Maybe Christopher Cline and GTac are secretly full-employment activists, environmental conservationists who are only marginally concerned with making money.

One can go on.

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