Sep 7, 2013

Scott Walker Still Won't Run

From left to right: Tim Russell, Scott Walker and Brian Pierick
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Dan Bice in April 2013 wrote Scott Walker is not an "ideas guy," suggesting someone as error-prone as Walker who can't think on his feet "could earn him the distinction of being the Gov. Perry of the 2016 campaign."

Bice didn't say it but Walker is a lightweight, still enchanted by the fact that billionaires will talk to him and tell him what to do as governor of the state of Wisconsin, with occasional input from the "Savior."

Walker can always count on the corporate press to forget history, as the press dutifully records Scott Walker met with the Nation of Patriots military/veterans' group out on a summer fundraiser.

  • Yes, Gov. Walker—but didn't a shady character with no veterans' advocacy experience whom you personally appointed to military veterans' groups—proceed to embezzle $10,000s and get criminally charged and convicted? You remember, it was this year that Timothy D. Russell was convicted.
  • Gov. Walker, didn't you also personally order that management of the veterans' group be reorganized so your appointee, Russell, could run things as he saw fit?
  • Did you apologize to the Nation of Patriots for what you did? I mean these patriots have long memories, right?

These questions were not posed by the corporate press, nor any fact mentioned of Walker's history of involvement with appointees who embezzled from veterans' non-profits.

Does anyone believe that this guy, Scott Walker, is really going to run for president?

He is going to bank a lot of money and come back to Wisconsin and announce he just wants to serve the people of Wisconsin; the corporate press will then dutifully report the later fiction.
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