Sep 20, 2013

Scott Walker Says He'll Target Non-GOP Public Aid

Scott Walker with United Sportsmen/GOP operatives
Former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) has his old campaign website still up, entitled "Taxpayers for Scott Suder."

Suder will take it down as soon as it gets too embarrassing.

Suder engineered the insertion into GOP legislation a $500,000 public assistance grant to the GOP front group, United Sportsmen of Wisconsin Foundation Inc, and a $450,000 public assistance grant every two years after in legislation specifically designed for United Sportsmen.

On August 29, DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, Scott Walker toady, approved the grant.

Even after Democratic legislators in a September 4 letter pointed out United Sportsmen were dishonest and lied about their tax-exempt status, the Republicans stood by their front group that they wanted funded with public assistance.

Scott Walker stood behind his man, Scott Suder and his GOP front group staffed by Tea Party members.

Then it came to light the GOP front group lied about its non-profit status, as reported by Paul A. Smith and Jason Stein and Walker finally was forced to cancel the public assistance grant to the GOP front group.

Suder became an embarrassment, but he still had the backing of the Republican Party; see for instance United Sportsmen's group had Terry Kohler as staunch ally.

In mid-September Scott Walker's announced he will nearly double Suder's pay for corrupt service to Walker and his political friends that could have cost the Wisconsin $28 million in federal aid.

Walker appointed Suder to the Public Service Commission, getting Suder a $94,000 a year gig -- an 88 percent boost over the $49,943 salary as a legislator.

Today, Scott Walker said he want to combat fraud. "We don't want to in any way keep people from getting assistance that is warranted, that they're legitimately qualified for, that they need at the time, but that shouldn't be our overriding focal point. It should be on hitting that balance...and making sure we're good stewards of taxpayer dollars," Walker said

Good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Democratic legislators have called upon Walker to remove Suder from his cushy new job at the Public Service Commission.

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