Sep 26, 2013

Iron County Remains Eye of Storm

Martin Lipske - What will
Wisconsin's most corrupt
District Attorney
do next?
Updated - In isolated Iron County with a population of 5,900 in far-northern Wisconsin, elements of 21st century American social trends are playing out.

The rule of law is under siege by corruption and prosecutorial misconduct as Iron County DA Martin Lipske gins ups charges against environmentalists, while protecting the interests of Gogebic Taconite LLC and the rightwing fringe Bulletproof Securities.

As the environment is under attack by a predatory $multibillion mining conglomerate lacking a gram of consideration for Wisconsin citizens, the water or the land, federal action in the courts and from the U.S. Dept. of Interior are on the horizon.

Many more prominent story lines dot this phenomenon including the imbecilic local corporate media parroting the fact-free line of the corporations, the Republican Party and the local officials bought off.

DA Lipske is a story of corruption and misconduct in himself.

Throwing an innocent man in prison. Taunting an innocent man in prison on official stationary. Does Lipske believe he is beyond the reach of professional misconduct? Is he unconstrained by the any regulatory apparatus? Not if I have anything to say about it.

What's Lipske's next move? What act of retaliation will Lipske pursue against political opponents?

Stay tuned, check back here, and in the StellaReport, Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction, WoodsPerson and the Iron County News for developments from Iron County Wisconsin.

Martin Lipske taunts innocent man he threw in prison in this fax sent in July

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  1. Amazing story. These small isolated areas of the state are hotbeds of corruption, my parents in Shawano have been telling me stories for years.