Aug 16, 2013

Wisconsin Democratic Legislative Caucus Needs to Stand up for Free Speech

Update: Democratic Party cheerleaders excuse the bystanding posture of most Democratic legislators as arrests continue within the radius of a football field outside legislators' offices. 

Exceptions abound of course: Reps. Pope, Taylor; Sens. Risser, Erperbach, ... several more. 

Yet, pointing out that the rights and liberties of Wisconsin citizens— per the Wisconsin and United States constitutions— are being violated by Scott Walker's Capitol police for the GOP's political motives is in the views of Blogging Blue, to live in a "bubble."

One wonders what has to befall Wisconsin before Blogging Blue recognizes the extent of the social engineering project and power grab by this most radical and authoritarian of Wisconsin gubernatorial administrations.

I guess most Democrats will assume the we-didn't-know defense after tragedy occurs.

For the denial of liberty, intimidation, detaining and mass arrests are the work the GOP's cops acting as agents provocateurs, and the policy comes from Walker and DoA Sec. Mike Huebsch.  

For now, Matt Rothschild, Ed Kuharski and 100s more are cited and arrested for obstructing officers to silence from the Democratic Party. 

This is why I contend group-think and careerist Democrats veer into the GOP's area in too many respects—timid and unthinking silence.
Scott Walker's Capitol Police Arrest 14-year-old Teenager, Grannies, Journalist and Sitting Councilman for Being in Same Place as Walker Criminalizes Dissent Against Policies He Refused to Campaign on

It's high time the Wisconsin Democratic Legislative Caucus, and every officeholder is Madison trek over the Capitol and see in person what Scott Walker is doing to non-GOP political expression.

Silence and sitting in the state legislative offices—while the rights and liberties of Wisconsin citizens (and constituents) are being violated right outside the Democratic Legislators' representatives' office—is complicity. (See State Senators and State Representatives (Assembly).

Notable exceptions exist from legislative complicity and effective collaboration with Scott Walker, but they are just that, exceptions.

As my friend asked last night, what are they waiting for? See also Journalist, Madison alder arrested as Wisconsin Capitol police broaden crackdown

Rebecca Kimble writes in The Progressive:

(P)eople who sing in the rotunda at noon do so to express dissent against a government that has taken away many fundamental rights or workers, women, low-income people, public school students, among many others.

Participants in the gathering don’t necessarily agree on every policy issue, but they do agree on one thing: that their right to assemble and express political views is protected by the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions and should not require that the government against which they are dissenting should regulate their speech and assembly by an administrative permitting process.

Shortly before noon on Wednesday, Edward Kuharski of Madison was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest for asking Capitol Police officer Mitch Steingraeber about who applied for the permit. He was taken to Dane County Jail and released after paying $600 in bail. This brings to eight the number of misdemeanor charges leveled against people gathering at the capitol at noon since July 24, 2013.

The Capitol Police have issued 223 citations that come with a $200.50 fine in that time period as well. Last week people began receiving “long form” legal complaints authored by Assistant Attorneys General detailing multiple violations of the State of Wisconsin Administrative Code that occurred months ago.

The complaint against Barton Munger contains 18 counts of chalking the sidewalk with a penalty of $500 for each incident stretching back months. This intensified crackdown on and criminalization of political speech comes weeks before the fall legislative session begins, when more controversial bills concerning private school vouchers, women’s reproductive rights and restriction of voting rights are expected to be taken up by lawmakers.

It seems that the Walker Administration is doing everything it thinks it can get away with to create a hostile environment for people to express their concerns publicly about these highly unpopular hot button policy issues.

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