Aug 19, 2013

Why Folks Sing in the Wisconsin Capitol

If we ever put the constitutional rights to freely assemble and freely express political views to referendum, it would likely fail.

Below are shots from today in the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin demonstrating why citizens express their views anyway.

It has to do with commitment in the face of malice and lassitude.

Firefighter Ted Higgins arrested
Firefighter Ted Higgins with citation Photo Rob Ganson

And the new GOP rule at the capitol is now aimed at collective word-holding. See picture below. Walker and David Erwin are working hard to make themselves look more ridiculous each day.

A large "UNINTIMIDATED" sign made of block letters greeted spectators. Capitol Police
Chief Erwin didn't like that speech. Walker and Erwin's cops arrested six of the letter holders,
specifically targeting the speech in an explicit action against specific political speech.

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