Jul 16, 2013

WKOW TV Lets Genocide, Death Threats Fall into Equivalence Fallacy

So dedicated is local broadcast TV news to the proposition that any and all viewpoints are the same that even the Wisconsinites for Safe Mining references to "Genocide" go unmet, amid an explicit death threat now under criminal investigation.

The WKOW reporter, Greg Neumann, means well in his piece.

But what exactly has to be done and said before dumbed-down broadcast news ditches the false equivalence of Conservationists v. Mining, Corporate Militias, and now idiots who think "Genocide" is funny.

Likely, the poster of the "shoot on sight" Facebook post believes he is being funny.

Does Neumann get why it isn't?

Only one side is armed: The mining and militia side
Only one side thinks Genocide is funny:  The mining and militia side
Only one side thinks issues death threat: The mining and militia side

What has to happen before WKOW and other news sites stop treating all sides as equal?

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