Jul 16, 2013

Mining Operation's Supporters Make Online Death Threats

"Shoot on sight," reads Wisconsinites for Safe Mining Facebook page.

Someone get word to local media, this is not bad PR.

This is a reckless death threat, among other moronic chatter.

Do these people even remember who Jared Lee Loughner and former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords are?

What passes for humor among the rightwing can have deadly consequences perpetrated by the armed and hateful.

By Greg Neumann:

[One] Terry Dipper identifies Lisa Wells and three other women as making threats against the [Iron mine site] as justification for the [Bulletproof] guards.

In a post directly follow Dipper's, Wisconsinites For Safe Mining wrote:  "We have initiated a shoot on sight order for the malcontents that you have listed.  Trespassing on a mining site = genocide."
 Trespassing on a mining site = genocide? [sic]

Further comment should be unnecessary, but corporate media will find a way to present a false equivalence between death threats from idiots v. conservationists.

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