Jul 6, 2013

Wisconsin GOP's Anti-women Bill Secretly Signed in Private Ceremony on July 4th Weekend

Scott Walker: This is my decision
Update: Worth noting is the fact Scott Walker says running for governor in 2010, and not running in 2006 are choices divinely inspired. "I wasn’t trusting and obeying my Savior. That morning Christ said to me through that devotion, 'This is what you’re going to do. Look at me. Find that point on the horizon, and you’re going to be just fine.'" He added: "God had a plan further down the road. Little did I know I just had to trust in Christ and obey what he calls me to do and that was going to work out." (Rothschild. March 7, 2011; The Progressive Magazine)

Maybe the "Savior" is privy to Scott Walker's decisions, but he keeps them secret from the people of Wisconsin.

In a stealthy move craven by even by the standards of Scott Walker, Walker signed one of the country's most restrictive anti-women, anti-choice bills into law on July 5th in a private ceremony when most Wisconsin citizens were celebrating an extended Independence Day weekend.

Were Wisconsin women consulted? Have Wisconsin women given their consent to these forced ultrasounds, closures of planned parenthood clinics, and onerous restrictions on women's doctors, as prescribed by the GOP legislation?


Wisconsin Act 37 was rushed through in nine days and signed in private to prevent women from speaking out on what the male Republican Wisconsin leadership have decided is necessary for women.

Women's views were deemed not germane to this act of law.

That is the whole point of these bills, similar to other anti-women bills passed in states where Republicans have either gerrymandered districts to keep power or are located in the southern United States.

The objective of anti-women bills is that women should not legally possess consent of their bodies; women should legally have no right to be consulted because the Republican Party knows better than women and women's doctors on matters of women's bodies and women's health.

If that sounds very creepy and bordering on pathological; it is precisely because these Republicans are pathological and very creepy, though they have decided to tone down the GOP's rape-is-not-so-bad-talk now because they have discovered that rape does not play well politically.

Misogyny is a pathology and a very dangerous illness when dedicated misogynists are in public office.

Republicans can never win the abortion battle on persuasion, so coercion and misdirection are their chosen tactics.

Call me an optimist, but I believe with a mobilized American public, the assaults of the misogynists, the Republicans, will be beaten back.

But this war on women is disgraceful.

Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services have filed a lawsuit on behalf of women [Case N.: 13-CV-465] seeking an injunction (a court direction stopping the law from taking effect) on numerous Constitutional grounds.

The suit notes "The Act rushed through the Wisconsin Legislature, passing less than 10 days after its introduction on June 4, 2013. The Act, moreover, takes immediate effect on July 8, 2013, even though there is no way for Plaintiffs to obtain the necessary privileges (or even attempt them) so quickly, in violation of their due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. Moreover, by making their ability to provide abortions contingent on their physicians' obtaining admitting privileges at local hospitals, the Act unconstitutionally delegates standardless and unreviewable authority to private parties - the hospital - also in violation of Plaintiffs' due process rights."

The suit was filed on July 5.

An injunction is likely as the plain text of Act 37 does comprise an undue burden on women deciding health decisions that are unpopular with the Republican Party.

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