Jul 12, 2013

Wisconsin Atty Asks DA, State Agency about Criminality of Bulletproof Security's Private Army

Before raping our land, poisoning our water, and further corrupting our political system, all agents and contractors involved with Christopher Cline's mining enterprises ought to at least follow Wisconsin law, as attorney Anthony J. Stella, Jr. is asking Wisconsin public officials.

That goes triple for those patrolling the Wisconsin north woods with militarized, semi-automatic weapons.

We know Gogebic Taconite LLC and Christopher Cline do not like Wisconsin citizens, but killing citizens is premeditated murder.

Killing, that's what these weapons do.

Firearms training instructs:  You don't take weapons out, unless you plan to shoot them. And you never point a weapon or use it threateningly towards another person unless you are ready to kill him or her.

Circumstances created by these out-of-state, corporate right-wing militias (and Wisconsin Republicans) need to be stopped.

Wisconsin law enforcement ought to consider these private, corporate terrorists are violating the safety and peace of Wisconsin citizens, as well as breaking the law; and take appropriate action towards Bulletproof's militia now.

If one of these corporate idiots kill someone, it's also on the hands of the Republican Party, and Wisconsin law enforcement which to this point has done nothing to rid Wisconsin of this out-of-state corporate terrorism.

[Thank you Blue Cheddar.]

To be used by Bulletproof's militia to massacre whom exactly?

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