Jul 13, 2013

Scott Walker Is in Way over His Head

Governor doesn't mention illegal corporate armed guards; Native American tribe calls for peaceful opposition to huge open-pit Iron mine, and the Republican Party's granted license to dump waste into water

Reckless and infantile is an accurate description of Scott Walker's ill-considered statement on out-of-state billionaire's Christopher Cline's mining operation, Gogebic Taconite LLC.

Even as Native-American leaders and other citizens of northern Wisconsin call for non-violent protests in the face of military-style corporate militias [since removed because they are illegally operating without a license], Walker did not take the occasion Friday to talk to all parties involved in the manner of a responsible public official.

Instead, Walker stuck to his playbook, dismissing the viewpoint of the Wisconsin people whom Walker has repeatedly failed to consult since ramming through unwanted mining legislation passed on a party-line vote after some $15 million was contributed by mining interests to Wisconsin Republicans, with one dissenting vote—Sen. Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center).

Can Walker recite the objections to the mining operation held by millions of Wisconsinites to their satisfaction?

Does anyone wish to go fishing after the mining company leaves the waters of northern Wisconsin.

No and No.

Walker refuses to try to talk, to engage, and simply speak to the concerns citizens have for their land and water.

An adult would realize that a heavily armed corporate, militarized force presents a clear and present danger, especially when acting illegally, as has been discovered after, not Walker and law enforcement, but rather Jason Stein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel began asking questions, specifically, don't these guys need a license to walk around with semi-automatic weapons out of a stated purpose to provide 'security.'

Walker postures in the manner of an agent provocateur, attempting to inflame the very situation Walker and has party has created for the benefit of the mining operation for whom he fronts in Wisconsin.

One would think a sitting governor would front for, represent, the citizens of Wisconsin.

Even the GOP-leaning Wisconsin State Journal today runs a sub-headline in its print edition reading, "Governor doesn't discuss armed guards; tribe calls for peaceful opposition."

The local broadcast television 'news' coverage, exemplified by WISC and WKOW, was as usual not recognizable as news. Rather, the seconds resemble a short, free spot for corporate interests.

Compare the statements of Mike Wiggins, Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Chairman and Scott Walker. Wiggins' statement is statesmanlike, Walker's is petulant.

I think we understand now why Scott Walker chose as his closest and longest-serving associates the likes of the criminally convicted Tim Russell and Brian Pierick, among several other Walker aides now serving criminal sentences.

At his essence, corrupt work for Cline Resource and Development Group; acting criminally, and associating himself intimately with the likes of Russell, Pierick and Kelly Rindfleisch (felony misconduct in public office); this is who Scott Walker is.

Perhaps behaving likes a statesman and responsible public official is too much ask of Scott Walker who has shown himself repeatedly not up to the job.
From left to right: Tim Russell, Scott Walker and Brian Pierick

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