Jul 27, 2013

Under Orders from Scott Walker, Police Arrest Marine, Step on His Folded U.S. Flag on the Ground

Wisconsin Capitol police arrest a child for singing
(circled in red shirt)
This is Wisconsin under Scott Walker: Arresting a Marine and stepping his flag into the ground; and then arresting a young child for singing.

See also Walker Distorts Court’s Ruling to Justify Dissident ArrestsMadison National Lawyers Guild Again Calls for Capitol Police to Respect Constitutional Rights of Peaceful Anti-Walker Singers.

Writes Blue Cheddar:

Dept. of Administration Secretary Michael Huebsch, announcing the impending arrests on Wednesday, which included two people aged 80 and over and two journalists, claimed that the state was “enforcing” Judge Conley’s ruling, as if the judge had directed arrests. The decision issued in the lawsuit filed against Huebsch and Capitol Police Chief David Erwin did not direct arrests. Nor did it find that the state’s permitting scheme was constitutional, despite such claims by DOA spokesperson Stephanie Marquise. An injunction was issued because the court determined that the permitting scheme was improperly content based and overly broad, and that the plaintiff Michael Kissick had shown a likelihood of success in his case against Huebsch and Erwin. One of Kissick’s attorneys, Larry Dupuis of the A.C.L.U. of Wisconsin, issued a press release condemning the misrepresentation of Judge Conley’s ruling by Secretary Huebsch and the DOA’s media handlers.

“Rather than impose a blanket prohibition on enforcing the existing permitting scheme, however, the court will preliminarily enjoin defendants from (1) distinguishing based on the content of the speech between “rallies” and other events for permitting purposes inside the Capitol and (2) enforcing the permit requirement for gatherings expected to draw 20 or fewer persons inside the Capitol rotunda itself. Of course, nothing in this decision prohibits enforcement of existing laws and regulations that restrict disruptive noise or other disorderly conduct,” wrote Judge Conley granting the injunction against enforcement of the rules as rewritten by the DOA on an “emergency” basis in April, 2013

Arresting a Marine and stepping his flag into the ground

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