Feb 16, 2013

GOP to Wisconsin Women: GOP Will Decide on Your Bodies

Rape is ALWAYS wrong, Scott Walker!

Republicans cheat, lie and mislead voters, and when they get political power in individual states they pounce upon women like a molesting priest of the Catholic Church

There is something pathological about the political Party (Republicans and Tea Partiers) that wants to decide whether a woman ought to have a child, and force that Party's choice onto women.

Scott Walker says even in cases of rape and incest, women should be forced to conceive, and should be subject to criminal sanctions if women decide on birth control or abortion.

This is Walker's outlandish and misogynistic position, though he keeps this crazed view down low because 'legitimate rape' and other such GOP folly such as Walker's don't play well politically.

Walker has, during his past tenure as a Wisconsin legislator, engaged in a "an all-out assault on abortion rights," as Andy Kroll at Mother Jones notes.

We know what's best for you, GOP tells Wisconsin women
Now, Walker is governor.

And the assault continues.

The Republican Party and Tea Party do not openly run on anti-choice campaign promises.

But they do make anti-choice legislation a "priority," once in office.

They cheat, lie and mislead voters, and when they get power in individual states they pounce upon women like a molesting priest of the Catholic Church.

Actually, without the "specific support" of the Catholic Church, the anti-choice movement would be virtually toothless in America, as Faye Wattleton, former president of Planned Parenthood (1978–1992) told this writer in 1990. The Church is getting worse.

The Catholic Church hierarchy and GOP want abortion gone; they can't use persuasion so they use duplicity; and now the two stained institutions are staunch allies.

Witness Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) who actually worked in 2010 before his election against the Wisconsin Child Victims Act, allowing victims to seek redress for rape and molestation suffered as children and inflicted by the Catholic Church.

Johnson, like Walker, did not campaign on his crazy, rightwing social policies. He stressed jobs and the economy. Sounds familiar.

"Faced with a looming re-election bid in 2014 and near-to-last place in job growth, Governor Walker promised us that from here on out he would 'be focused like a laser on job growth,'" notes Jud Lounsbury. "With this laser-like focus, Gov. Walker and company have a promising lead in their search for jobs: Wisconsin women's vaginas! Of course, to actually find those jobs, you need a really long probe to really search for those jobs. They're in there somewhere and by golly the Wisconsin Republicans are going to find 'em!"

Walker's legislative cohorts—Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald—have decided that forced rape, also known as mandatory "ultrasound" for women seeking abortions is a long overdue, legislative "priority," Jessica VanEgeren reports.   From the Cap Times:
Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, is the former public policy director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. She says requiring an ultrasound to be performed before all abortions would mean an invasive procedure for women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant.

At that stage in a pregnancy, she said, the uterus may be blocked by the pelvis, preventing a traditional ultrasound from picking up the image. Thus, a vaginal ultrasound would need to be performed in order to provide an image for a medical professional to discuss with a woman.
From NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin:

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin today denounced yet another anti-choice effort to focus on divisive attacks on women instead of the jobs and healthcare needed for Wisconsin. Anti-choice leadership in the legislature has indicated they consider forced ultrasounds for women to be a "priority,” a move that would put politicians between women and their doctors. The proposed measure is Wisconsin Right to Life’s agenda, and legislators’ comments in support followed Wisconsin Right to Life’s lobby day.

Wisconsin Right to Life and other anti-choice organizations claim their proposal would not require a trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortion care. However, the medical reality is that for women early in pregnancy, a trans-vaginal ultrasound is likely the only technology that can comply with the proposed law’s requirements.

"Either Wisconsin Right to Life and anti-choice politicians do not understand the medicine involved or they are misrepresenting the impact of this legislation. Either answer is unacceptable,” said Jenni Dye, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. "Decisions on whether any medical procedure, invasive or not, is needed should be made between a woman and her medically trained provider.”

"Politicians know that forced trans-vaginal ultrasounds would be met with public outcry, as we saw in Virginia last year. Voters across Wisconsin sent a clear message in November that they are tired of divisive attacks and ready for the Legislature to work together to focus on jobs and the economy. Speaker Vos and Majority Leader Fitzgerald apparently missed the memo that it is time for them to do their own job, not our doctor’s job.”

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