Dec 6, 2012

New GOP Chair: Mascot or the Weasel

Jim Galloway writes today that "disappointed Republicans have been lining up behind J.C. Watts as an alternative to GOP national chairman Reince Preibus, who faces a re-election bid early next year. In this well-worth-watching CNN clip with Erin Burnett from last night, Watts takes on Republican detachment from the minorities it seeks to bring into the party’s ranks."

So, to front for the GOP, the nation sees Reince Preibus (enough said), and J.C. Watts.

As David Plotz memorably wrote of Watts (and Oklahoma) in 1998:

Watts is slightly less conservative than those three [Oklahoma crazies]--he halfheartedly defends affirmative action--but no less unworthy of national influence. The [former] lone black congressional Republican and a former football star, Watts offers little but a sunny temperament and bootstrapping Christian banalities. Issues stump him. Republicans studiously overlook his deficiencies because he's such good press: He delivered a major speech to the 1996 Republican National Convention and the Republican response to the 1997 State of the Union address, two plums that no other two term congressman would ever get. ... Watts is too unimpressive to be more than a mascot.
Doesn't know issues and is unimpressive. Perfect for the GOP.

If Watts gets the GOP gig, don't look for him to suddenly say: 'You know what? Blocking blacks from voting is just unAmerican.'

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