Sep 22, 2012

On Tom Coburn and GOP Senators Blocking Veterans Jobs Bill

Sen. Ron Johnson: Out-of-work veterans can go to hell
58 Yeas to 40 Nays means the Nays win in the U.S. Senate as Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson again votes with 39 other GOP senators to stop legislation easing the high unemployment veterans face. Johnson and GOP make a habit of obstruction of bills helping veterans.

Heather at Crooks and Liars has excellent commentary, reserving Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) for special opprobrium as the GOP again tells veterans to get lost.

"The unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan-era Veterans (or Gulf War II-era Veterans) in August ticked up to 10.9 percent," notes a VA blog.

Jon Stewart nails it: "So once again, 800 billion dollars, unfunded, for war. A billion dollars, but paid for in a way you aren't crazy about to help the guys who fought the war get jobs afterwards, 'We're not made out of money people.'"

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