Sep 24, 2012

Cillizza and Blake Speculate on Scott Walker's Hits on Romney

Scott Walker
Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake ask What’s Scott Walker up to?

And they speculate and speculate.

Who cares?

Walker is an extremist, anti-choice, Christian whack with his hand out to the plutocrats.

Maybe Cillizza and Blake are just fishing around for fodder for their column, but Walker won't get to spend $60-million this 2014 in his reelection bid, and his attacks on women and working families won't be forgotten.

Walker won't be a "major conservative hero" for years and years.

No matter how much Wisconsin media have buried the John Doe and the federal investigation of Walker's corruption and public misuse of office up to now, this won't last forever.

What's Walker up to? Squawking till he can't anymore.

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