May 1, 2012

Video Reveals GOP Plans to Discredit John Doe Probe into Scott Walker's Campaign

Sponsored by Scott Walker's front group -
Citizens for Responsible Government
GOP effort to pressure John Doe criminal probe captured on video; project seeks to defend Walker's criminal rise to power

Presiding John Doe Judge, Neal Nettesheim and Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm made a big mistake in the minds of Republicans.

They are guilty of seditious libel, the discredited (for some) legal doctrine that we citizens may not speak ill of the king or engage in practices inciting hatred or disrespect for the king—the rightful ruler of Wisconsin, no matter what the citizens wish.

Thus, efforts to recall or hold King Scott Walker to the rule of law are not to be suffered by the Republican Party.

Citizens for a Responsible Government, long allied with GOP flack, Charlie Sykes and Scott Walker who used the group to demand the recall of the county executive Walker replaced.

MADISON – Shocking new video obtained by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin uncovers a cynical, hidden plot by Scott Walker’s political machine to undermine judicial independence and interfere with the unprecedented John Doe criminal corruption probe into Scott Walker’s administration that has required Walker to form a criminal defense fund.

In the videos, former Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher, a partisan hack who was frequently criticized for using his public office for obvious political purposes, advises attendees of a $20-a-head Citizens for Responsible Government seminar on how to launch a campaign attacking the John Doe process, up to and including a suggestion to file civil lawsuits against prosecutors. ...

Bucher: [5:30] “Umm..and I wouldn’t make allegations of a political witch hunt..etc., etc., try to keep that aside. Just that these leaks are compromising the process and we encourage you to use your power to try to identify those leaks and restore confidence in this process.”

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