Apr 30, 2012

Walker raises record $millions out of state

Gov. Scott Walker raised $13 million since January to fight off the recall bid against him, far outdistancing his Democratic challengers and driving home the challenge they will have in beating the Republican incumbent.

Criss-crossing the country on fundraising trips, Walker has raised more than $25 million in total since January 2011 and has $4.8 million in cash on hand - numbers unlike any that have been seen for a political candidate in Wisconsin. (Stein. MJS)
Does anyone seriously doubt Scott Walker is bought and paid for?

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to the announcement by Scott Walker that he had raised $13 million in the recent reporting period and $25 million total.

"Scott Walker's campaign is based on a single premise: That he can raise vast piles of cash to obscure his dismal record of job loss, criminal corruption, attacks on women and rollback of Wisconsin freedoms. His unprecedented and unprincipled money machine, which relies on donations from out-of-state, has put Wisconsin up for sale. Does anyone believe that the special interests that are giving to Scott Walker have Wisconsin's best interest at heart?

The unprecedented amounts of money coming to defend Scott Walker's radical agenda are breathtaking and it is true that we will be badly outspent. It is also true that, at the end of the day, and until Walker makes it otherwise, money does not vote. The people vote. And it is the people of Wisconsin who will win victory over Scott Walker on June 5th."

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