Mar 24, 2012

Irene Captain on Scott Walker

Irene Captain - Fighting against Scott Walker
Irene Captain is a typical World War II mother.

Her late husband, Wesley John Captain, came home from Normandy, liberating a concentration camp, and serving in Patton's Third Army. He said, as family lore has it: "I have seen enough death, now I want to surround myself with life."

The Captains did just that, with nine children in Wisconsin Rapids.

Now, Irene Captain who proudly notes her service as a seniors’ activist, working on the legislative committee of AARP and lobbying hard for the initial establishment of SeniorCare which began in 2002, has had enough of Scott Walker.

"We need SeniorCare, it works, so why destroy it?"

Irene fights for her 11 great grandchildren, like Lily
Irene Captain signed the petition to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch.

Reached this weekend in Rapids, Irene said, "You all keep up the fight. He's [Scott Walker] against everyone except the Koch brothers. He never was any good, and I don't trust a word he says. I'm going to keep voting against him."

Irene, who has lived some 64 years in Wisconsin Rapids and has friends and family members which span the political spectrum, says she has never seen anything like the dishonesty of Scott Walker.

"I can't even watch him on TV any more. If he believes something, then why doesn't he come out and say it?" said Irene. "He's a sneak thief, and a liar. Bless your heart for fighting against him"

Thank you, Irene; will keep up the fight.

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