Mar 25, 2012

Adam Kind of Slinger Is a Killer; Gov Candidate and Dem Sens Voted: Aye

Memorial Service for Bo Morrison
Update: Killer to Bo Morrison at approximately two minutes and thirty eight seconds into 911 call: "You stupid fucking kid." Nice.

Adam Kind is the admitted killer of 20-year-old Bo Morrison.

The killing by Adam Kind occurred in Slinger, Wisconsin, a village in Washington County, population: 3,901. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (Vielmetti) and PoltiScoop (Tascoupe) have excellent reports.]

The Washington County DA ruled the killing by Adam Kind is justified under the controversial Wisconsin Castle Doctrine, passed 26-7 in the Wisconsin State Senate last November, including the votes of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, Spencer Coggs (D-Milwaukee), Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee), and Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie). Of course the State Assembly overwhelmingly voted for passage as well, 71-24. The Castle Doctrine is close to the Florida Stand Your Ground law that was the basis of killing young Treyvon Martin. Most states also have Castle Doctrine laws.

But we're not kidding our selves.

Life is cheap for Adam Kind, George Zimmerman, and apparently for the politicians like Kathleen Vinehout, Coggs, Taylor and Wirch, who one would believe know better.

Wonder if these folks are having second thoughts now about their votes. Giving legal permission, it turns out, to load 45-caliber pistols, aim and shoot trespassers results in death by bullet. Who knew?

A we-were-wrong statement from all legislators and Scott Walker is a good beginning. Somehow I do not think this is forthcoming. At last Democrats and Walker have found something in common: Never admit a mistake.

Take a close look at the deceased, young Bo Morrison at right, and surprise: He's black and the killer is white.

Well, a bunch of young, loud, likely obnoxious underage kids were drinking and maybe smoking pot at a party at 1:00 a.m., got scared and ran when the party was broken up.

One of the kids ran inside Adam 'the killer' Kind's porch to hide. Kind, who moments before was on the phone with the 911 operator and police, had confronted the kids in the drive-way next door who were partying too loudly, went back and decided he had no choice when he heard a "banging," but to load his gun and kill Bo Morrison.

This was a lawful killing. But among the rational, this was a murder.

"When police arrived, they found Morrison still crouched between the dresser and refrigerator [on the porch], but found a bullet hole in the wall 49 inches from the floor. Morrison had been shot through the heart and lung" (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Have a look at the Journal-Sentinel's timeline and graphic.

Privatizing murder is not the way forward for Wisconsin or any civilized society.

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