Oct 17, 2011

Updated: Randy Hopper-owned radio station censors news of DWI arrest

Randy Hopper booking mug. Photo courtesy of Fond du Lac County Jail
Update: The Randy Hopper-owned KFIZ radio station has now run the Randy Hopper DWI story at the top of its web news page Tuesday morning, though the piece omits mention that Hopper "refused to take a breathalyzer test following [the] drunken driving arrest Sunday, according to a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office report," as was reported by the Fond du Lac Reporter Monday.

The late posting of Hopper's arrest followed several Wisconsin bloggers' items noting the failure to report the Hopper's DWI story.

Hopper is described as "very cooperative" in the KFIZ report, a description attributed to Fond du Lac County Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Strand, though refusals to take a breathalyzer test in these instances are not characterized as 'cooperative,' according to a municipal police officer speaking on background, serving in Wisconsin outside the Fond du Lac jurisdiction, who is known to harbor critical views of Gov. Scott Walker and Randy Hopper.

No word from KFIZ on an explanation for the tardiness of the news item, and a phone call to KFIZ Monday afternoon was followed by some six minutes on hold, after which the phone call was terminated by the caller. It is not unsual for local news-talk radio stations to have slim or no news staff.
Recalled senator Randy Hopper's Fond du Lac news radio station is blacking out news of Hopper's weekend DWI arrest that occurred early Sunday evening while in the company of his young mistress.

The Fond du Lac Reporter reports:

At 5:30 p.m. Sunday, a citizen dialed 911 to report a black Suburban [that Hopper was driving] 'all over the road' on Highway 151 near County Trunk WH in Peebles, said Chief Deputy Mark Strand.
But don't look for the Fond du Lac radio stations owned by Hopper to run any breaking news of the incident though the story is all over the Fox River Valley news outlets.

Fond du Lac's KFIZ, which has a news-talk radio format and is owned by Hopper's Mountain Dog Media, has not run any mention of Hopper's arrest as of mid-afternoon on Monday.

KFIZ' webpage has 17 other local news stories as of the time of this posting: 3:20 P.M.

KFIZ features programming from Fox News Radio.

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