Aug 17, 2011

Scott Walker, You're Next

First order of business is to educate voters on the Republican voter obstruction law [assuming it survives a civil rights challenge].

As One Wisconsin Now writes:

We have weakened Walker but there’s more work to do in fighting the anti-Wisconsin agenda of Walker and his corporate lackeys in the legislature.

Walker and Company stripped 175,000 working people of their rights, slashed education and the university and technical college system, threaten our health care and even raised taxes on seniors and the working poor.

Wisconsin responded by an historic uprising. We have won huge victories. But we have much more to do.
Look for recall signatures gathering to begin in 2012 after the holidays.

In the mean time, an education, communications, message and political infrastructure effort will be launched that not even Mike Tate can screw up.

As for the Republican Party under Scott Walker, it has been revealed to be scheming, lying, and conniving, even to the point of targeting working-class families.

Rare that you hear candid and despicable talk of dropping a "bomb" in a surprise attack by a sitting Governor on real families. But the infamous Walker-Koch tape will not go away.

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