Aug 16, 2011

Updated: Dems win; Bluecheddar Has Live Wisconsin Recall Election Updates

Update III: Florence, Langlade and Lincoln counties [GOP counties] are late in reporting results in Holperin-Simac race. What is it about GOP counties in tight races?

Update II: Sens. Wirch and Holperin run strong and win, reports Dan Bice. Dems win.

Update: Recall results at MJS.

Bluecheddar has live updates on the two Wisconsin recall races featuring State Sen. Jim Holperin  (D-Eagle River) v. Kim Simac; and Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) v. Jonathan Steitz.

The Holperin-Simac might be close; but the smart money is on Holperin.

Sen. Wirch will destroy Steitz.

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