Jul 13, 2011

Real Democratic recall candidates cruise to victory over fakes

Voters not impressed with GOP, costs of primaries, false Robo-calls and Voter ID requests at polls
Update: See also The Atlantic's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Wisconsin Recall Elections.

By Jessica Vanegeren at the Capital Times

None of the six placeholder or "fake" Democratic Senate candidates pulled off an upset victory during the first round of a historic recall election season in Wisconsin Tuesday. ...

Republicans took blistering criticism for their decision to put forward the fake candidates and force primary elections.

From Uppity Wisconsin - The Wisconsin Voter ID Law, which might also be called the Help Republicans Win Elections Act, hasn't even taken full effect yet but is already causing grief at the polls. Mischievous Republicans ostensibly enacted Voter ID to curb virtually non-existent voter fraud, using another of those GOP-designed "tools," designed to suppress the votes of people likely to vote for the other guys.

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