Jul 14, 2011

Family Values Republicans Are an Ironic Lot

Republicans running in the Wisconsin senate recall campaigns are committed to making value decisions on families and communities.

Committed, but unqualified.

District 20 - Consider David Vanderleest, Republican candidate running against Senator Dave Hansen (D–Green Bay). Vanderleest is under investigation for child abuse, domestic violence and witness intimidation. [PolitiScoop]

District 18 - Sen. Randy 'Bed' Hopper - Well, we know his deal. But in fairness to Hopper, he did his family finances well by paying no income taxes between 1997 and 2008.

District 12 - Kim Simac  the "family values" candidate and founder of Northwoods Patriots ("Standing up for FAITH, Family and Country") explains the fact that she swapped spouses with her ex as "one of those quirky American stories." [The Atlantic Magazine]

As Republicans slap around Wisconsin families and assault communities, how about they lay off the family values malarkey?

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