May 23, 2011

Righthaven Forced on Defense by First Amendment Firm

"As an organization that has been characterized as a lawsuit mill that profits off of quick settlements, Righthaven's opposition [to paying opposing counsel] is unsurprising, as the payment of attorney's fees throws a sizable wrench into the workings of the Righthaven lawsuit machine. Nevertheless, Righthaven's calculations about the Firm's willingness to seek fees were wrong, and now Righthaven must pay. ... As aggrieved as Righthaven may feel at the prospect of paying fees to the firm that potentially is its most prolific opposing counsel, Righthaven's subjective notions of fairness (the irony of which the hundreds of defendants affected by Righthaven's lawsuits, usually without warning, would be quick to point out) do not negate well-settled precedent within this Circuit entitling the Firm to fees."
- J. Malcolm DeVoy [May 21, 2011 response], attorney for Randazza Legal Group, seeking fees from Righthaven LLC, per Judge Gloria M. Navarro's April 20 ruling and dismissal of Righthaven v. Medbillz, Leon, Nichols [Case No.: 2:10-cv-01672] in which defendants prevailed.
- United States District Court, District of Nevada

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