Apr 6, 2011

AP Numbers: JK Wins! Sykes hits panic button

Update VII: JoAnne Kloppenburg declared victory this afternoon!!!

Update:VI: J-Klop wins; AP has all numbers in and JK lead of 204 votes. WTMJ calls it for J-Klop.

Update:V J-Klop lead at 206; One precinct remains: Jefferson County. MJS (Marley, Sandler and Stein) reports at 1:02 p.m.: "The Jefferson County Clerk's officer reported that Prosser picked up only 2 votes in the electronic vote in Lake Mills and that 24 handwritten ballots were not yet counted. ... "

About 220 votes were cast in Town of Lake Mills - seemingly not enough for Prosser to make up the votes he would need to defeat Kloppenburg."

Check AP for update.

Update IV: J-Klop lead at 224 votes; three precincts left

Update III: Sykes already in high damage-control mode; calls for reports of "voter irregularities."

Update II: Kloppenburg takes 309-vote lead! Five precincts left.

Update: Keep updated at AP. Twenty-four precincts left; Prosser margin at 800-plus votes. No cost for a recall with vote margin within some 7,000 votes. Still, lots of variables out there. Dunn County has posted its numbers in its two remaining precincts; AP does not have them yet but Kloppenburg will pick a few-hundred more there. See Dunn County Unofficial Election Results.

If JoAnne Kloppenburg wins the remaining 34 precincts to report (including 12 precincts in Milwaukee) by an average of 18 votes per precinct, she'll win by 20-some votes.

Thirty-two of the 34 remaining precincts are in counties Kloppenburg is winning. (Kos)

See the AP tally.

A recount seems very likely at this point.

A friend writes:

No matter the outcome at this point, we won and Scott Walker lost.

Kloppenburg came from out of no where to maybe beat a sitting Supreme Court Justice, who has the support of Koch-funded groups that spread tons of lies, massively outspending rule-of-law forces.

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