Apr 7, 2011

Class Act v. the Sad Man

Scott Walker: "You've got a world driven by Madison, and a world driven by everyone else out across the state." (WSJ)

Walker's Judge lost and Walker is not happy.

Turns out "everyone" is a perverse description for our state where the Walker Judge lost 31 of the 71 non-Dane counties.

Turns out the Walker Judge lost the popular vote of the voting public across the state.

Class Act

Asst. AG JoAnne Kloppenburg ran in the face of near-constant lies backed by assorted big money liars such as the Koch brothers which massively outspent rule-of-law forces.

Throughout the barrage of lies, Kloppenburg ran on the explicit promise to serve on the top Court as an impartial judge ascertaining the law and the facts.

Kloppenburg, no natural politician, never wavered: A class act who does honor to the idea of a judicial branch of government.

Prosser the Sad Man

David Prosser squawked around the state, memorably complaining, "I feel like the victim of a drive-by shooting. Here I am, I’m walking along, I should win this race going away. But I mean, not if people aren’t thinking about what they’re doing." (NYT, April 4, 2011)

You don't vote for Prosser, you don't think. Right.

I'm sure that Prosser does feel like a victim; like he can never stand up and speak the truth.

Prosser peddled his votes on Court cases, not his impartiality and dedication to law. He trolled for company like the desperate man he is, unsure the Koch Brothers could turn around his losing campaign.

The sad man, ashamed and desperate, v. the Class Act.

As the recount begins: May the better person win.

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