Mar 30, 2011

Walker's Next Move as GOP Veers into McCarthyism: Attack Judge Sumi and Son as "Leftist"

Judge Sumi
Will Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans act to defy the legal authority of a judge's ruling against the latest GOP move against the public?

No one knows.

What is known is that this is the most lawless and anti-public administration in Wisconsin history. And the Wisconsin Republican Party is the most ideological and dishonest since the Joe McCarthy era that today's GOP is apparently trying to emulate.

Illusory Tenant has a piece linking to a Dane County Republican press release [March 30] in which the party, upset with her rule-of-law ruling, accuses Judge Sumi of being a "leftist," having attended "cocktail parties held by leftists in Dane County," shopping at "organic, gourmet" food shops run by leftists, having a son who is a "leftist activist," and on and on.

The GOP does raise some questions.

When Tommy Thompson appointed Sumi to the bench in 1998 did he know about these leftist affiliations? Does the GOP have a list of accredited leftists in Dane County and the state of Wisconsin? Will the GOP legislature hold hearings on the leftists who have infiltrated our government?

And how about Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne?

Ismael Ozanne. What kind of name is that? Sounds similar to a character right out of the emissions of that 19th century leftist, Melville.

Maybe these leftists hold secret allegiance to leftists around the world. Maybe to terrorists?

Sumi is running unopposed for reelection to the Dane County Circuit Branch Two seat in next Tuesday's election.

The next step is indicated on Judge Sumi's calender [item 67]:

County   Time   Date   Location

Dane   08:30 am   04-01-2011   7th Floor, Courtroom 7B

Activity Case Number Case Caption
Injunction hearing 2011CV001244 Ismael R Ozanne vs. Jeff Fitzgerald et al

Party Attorney Name(s)
Ozanne, Ismael R

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