Mar 30, 2011

David Prosser in Milwaukee: Look How Biased I Am

Prosser - Outed and exposed
David Prosser, outed and exposed as corrupt, touted his votes in front of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee Tuesday. (Sandler, MJS)

The problem is Prosser is trolling for votes in the manner of a desperate politician, not an impartial judge seeking to find out what the law is and how it applies to cases that come before the state's top appellate court.

As we have written here before: Justice David Prosser goes out of his way to declare his bias towards specific communities of interest and certain classes of litigants, as well as fidelity to his political party.

Prosser's opponent, "Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, called [Prosser's] statements inappropriate for a judicial contest. ... Kloppenburg said a judge shouldn't use his rulings to seek political support. ... Prosser 'has this partisan approach to being a judge.'" (Sandler, MJS)

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