Mar 5, 2011

More GOP Lies Knocked Down as 22-caliber Killer Prepares to Strike

The GOP needs to instill a sense of crisis [more cops, more cops] to jam its anti-family agenda through.

That they are bumbling, modern-day Don Segreti(s) (of Watergate fame) is just as obvious.

These guys are Nixon except the Wisconsin and national corporate press treat the Walker administration with deference, as though it has credibility.

Walker's latest lie meant to paint their opposition as renegades has just been knocked down.

"State officials admitted Friday that they may have overstated cleanup costs related to the recent two-week state Capitol camp-out by as much as $7 million as union leaders and protesters harshly criticized the estimate quoted by a state lawyer at a court hearing Thursday." (Simmons, WSJ)

Right. Overstated.

"Madison Trust (the Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation) reports that those gathered at our beautiful Capitol have been maintaining the interiors with a level of care befitting its status as a National Historic Landmark," writes Anne Biebel, Architectural Historian at Cornerstone Preservation Research and Planning, which "dedicates itself to high quality architectural research and planning while working collaboratively with architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners to breathe new life into existing historic structures."

22-caliber Killer Prepares to Strike

Another lie, another farce, has led to an increased threat status and hundreds of police officers in the Capitol -- that is, 22-caliber bullets being found in several places in the building grounds.

They are hyped by the rightwing Free Republic and the like and repetitively invoked by the GOP to justify high security measures at the state Capitol.

Who planted the bullets there? And why?

Cops aren't saying; maybe they're afraid for their jobs.

Maybe they've been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds, even the ones without Mandy.

President Obama, won't you consider making Scott Walker ambassador to something, anything?

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