Feb 21, 2011

Scott Walker the Liar

See Live Coverage from Madison Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker is conning the American people on a level that I have never seen in my lifetime. We all wish this were hyperbole.

Scott Walker wants to take over all of the Medical Assistance programs, as local towns and villages need Walker's management.

Scott Walker wants to mandate state negotiating control of all Wisconsin counties, municipalities and school districts, contradicting himself in the course of some seven months.

Scott Walker wants the state to mandate wind-siting proposal rules.

Scott Walker wants the state to implement sweeping reductions in Medicaid.

Walker's so-called budget short-fall ($3.6 billion ) is based on the lie that the legislature must pass new spending requests by state agencies, a 6.2% increase. No legislator would vote for a budget based on a 6.2% increase, as Walker impliess we are compelled.

Scott Walker wants to end same-day registration [and also require photo IDs] because local jurisdictions, he says, cannot handle massive "voter fraud."

For a partial list of Walker lies see Scott Walker's Top Ten Lies.

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