Feb 21, 2011

Fighting Scott Walker

Clarence Seward Darrow lives on
Results of this battle with Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans:
  • Walker has been outed as a liar, and a governor with no concern for working families; that's the straight truth of this Koch brothers' lackey
  • Wisconsin families have been politicized more completely and quickly than any strategy pro-family organizers could have accomplished in years
Goethe said, "He only earns his freedom and his life who takes them everyday by storm."

Marching with Wisconsin families these past few days, no matter the legislative machinations of Republicans, ultimate victory is certain. Never have I seen such commitment and good will.

My niece, Tori, and I on Saturday
No amount of money and lies will defeat the democracy, the love of freedom, that has spread through our state, our communities and our friends and allies across the country.

Personally, I have worked against apartheid, against war, and many political candidates. Never have I been prouder than to be associated with the people working for Wisconsin and all American families right now, right here in Madison, Wisconsin.

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