Feb 12, 2011

Gov Walker, How about capping all political appts' salaries?

Gov. Scott Walker is telling the people of Wisconsin a cook earning $28,000/year is way too much, so Walker needs to bring public employees "into line" with everyone else.

Getting into line. How about Gov. Walker begins by capping the salary of every political appointee to $45,000/year with benefits not to exceed those of a cook?

After all, Walker is claiming the people he appoints are dedicated public servants.

So, how about it, Walker?

I mean, if you are so serious about the budget. Many of us believe you are using the budget to hammer political opponents and reward cronies.

This weekend, it came to light that Wisconsin's nurses, cooks, teachers, librarians and other public workers earn 4.8 percent less than private sector workers with similar levels of education, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute.

In Dane County, we have State Senator Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) who is delivering pizzas to make ends meet.

How about your political appointees likewise step up to the plate?

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