Feb 10, 2011

Dane County Exec Prediction: Joe Parisi and Another Guy

Here's an educated guess on which two candidates make it through the Dane County executive primary this-coming Tuesday based on a summing up of the race among a strong field of candidates.

The Government Accountability Board is expecting a 10 percent turn-out statewide, and informed officials say the Dane County turn-out ought to be in the 20-to-30 percent range.

One winner will be Rep. Joe Parisi (D-Madison) who is aggressively connecting with liberal constituencies. Parisi has a wide, dedicated machine of supporters, and a campaign that reacts quickly and wisely.

The second winner will be one of the following two candidates [listed in no particular order]:

Dane County Board Chair Scott McDonell (Madison) for the same reasons as Parisi, plus no one will out-work McDonnell in the field. McDonell is the strongest campaigner door-to-door in the less-than-favorable weather in which February primary races are held.

Joe Wineke of Verona, former progressive state senator and Wisconsin Dem chair, who is a speeding dark horse picking up union support and rural backing. Wineke is also seen by many Republicans as acceptable because of his administrative skill set and commitment to small business owners.

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