Nov 6, 2010

Mandate, Slandate

- Money Talks, Ideology Walks -

The Democratic Strategist has a piece summarizing William Galston and Ruy Teixeira's recent post-election analyses.

Worth a read.

But the take-away: Election results came from "... the poor state of the economy [and] the abnormally conservative composition of the midterm electorate" seems obvious.

What can be inferred from the pieces is the fact that the voting electorate in 2012 will differ in composition from 2010.

And that from a political perspective the administration needs to change NOW its message on dealing with unemployment.

Voters don't want to hear about the determination of politicians to play nice. They want jobs, and all the advantages that come with near-full employment; and they really don't give a gosh darn if pay-checks and investment come as a result of government spending or the private sector.

Ask the employees the Oshkosh Corporation how bothered they are that tax-payers (and their children and grandchildren) are/will be paying $billions for the production of Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacements (MTVR) in a stupid conflict in Afghanistan.

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