Nov 22, 2010

Dane County Exec Race Off and Running

The race to fill retiring Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk’s seat has begun as several progressives are jockeying for position to succeed the popular four-term incumbent.

Falk beat GOP-backed Nancy Mistele in the Spring 2009 election that saw Mistele win the popular vote outside of Madison, as Falk crushed Mistele anyway gaining 99,600 votes and 64 percent of the popular vote.

Some electoral numbers won in Dane County for the declared and expected candidates that are drawing attention.

County Board Chair Scott McDonnell: Elected with 415 votes in the Spring 2010

Town of Verona Mayor Jon Hochkammer (moderate Republican): Elected with 1,086 votes

Zach Brandon: About 2,100 total votes in district 7 of the Madison Common Council

Joe Wineke: 13,749 votes in the '98 Congressional primary (3rd)
Joe Wineke: [Estimate] 31,000 votes in 94 State Senate Race

State Rep. Joe Parisi: 168,197 votes out of 213,000 county-wide in the 2000 County Clerk race
(58,000 more than former Dane County DA Brian Blanchard the same year)
Joe Parisi: 131,611 votes County Wide 1996 County Clerk
Joe Parisi Assembly: 20,648 votes (72%) in 2010
Joe Parisi Assembly: 20,707 votes (75%) in 2006

What these numbers mean is unclear, but an energetic campaign should provide nourishment for political junkies in the early months of 2010 in the Spring elections.

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