Sep 23, 2010

UN on Israel's Deadly Assault: Guilty of Summary Executions, Cruel Violations of Human Rights

- UN Human Rights Council Report on Flotilla of Ships Carrying Humanitarian Assistance -

By Greta Berlin

Israeli troops broke international law by storming an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, according to a UN inquiry, which found that the killings of activists on-board were comparable to "summary executions". Today the UN report was issued, a 56-page indictment of Israeli actions the night of May 31.

Although the first 20 pages outline the legal ramifications of Israel's actions, international law, maritime law, and what, exactly the Oslo accords ... accorded, the final 36 pages read like a murder mystery, and you will not be able to put it down. Based on survivor testimony, testimony from crew on board the ships and virtually no testimony from Israeli officials, who don't want to be interviewed, the story unfolds in great detail.

See also Gaza flotilla attack: UN report condemns Israeli 'brutality'.

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