Aug 2, 2009

Army Suicides Highest Ever

"The number of suicides reported by the Army has risen to the highest level since record-keeping began three decades ago."

That's a fact reported by Erica Goode in this morning's New York Times, "After Combat, Victims of an Inner War".

Goodes' piece is excellent read of a huge problem that sticking a flag on your car won't help.

At some point, as a society we may begin to realize that war is a massive destruction machine on fellow citizens, and should only be waged as a very last resort; innocents don't fare too well.

Even the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is crap. One Marine Vietnam War combat veteran told me straight-up battles, fire fights, aren't the worst thing. He said that guys in the rear, or in evolving, dynamic fronts often suffer the most. And of course, killing people is not the most gratifying action to demand of those serving in the lies that politicians tell to bring the country to war.

No matter, if a veteran can't describe to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) a "stressor" event then as far as the DVA is concerned he has no problems. "The VA's diagnosis of PTSD is all bull-shit, you know that," he said. Yep, I do

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