Jul 9, 2009

The Race for Guv

A few items and observations:

- Anyone who underestimates the appeal of Mark Neumann [and on social policy I like to think that I am his biggest critic] is sorely mistaken. Look for an innovative and unexpected campaign from Neumann.

- Scott Walker is among other problems too slick by half.

- Governor Jim Doyle's campaign is like Rocky II going through a depression, while the audience is impatiently anticipating the dude finally training and getting ready for the big rematch.

Remember what Burgess Meredith says: "What are we waiting for?!" Declare your intentions now, Gov. Doyle. The July-August roll-out prohibition is obsolete.

- I hereby offer my services to any candidate who will stop our veterans in Wisconsin from being royally screwed over by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. These bureaucrats and cop-wannabes are not fit to hold a candle to the people who actually serve this country.

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  1. Michael Veterans do not really know what a friend and advocate they have in you. SALUTE Brother Mike Bailey aka testvet and testvet6778