Apr 30, 2009

Pew Center Data Is Trouble for GOP

If you want to know why RNC Chair Michael Steele and his allies have become so shrill, it's not only because these guys are unhinged.

They have access to electoral data and a changing America spells trouble for a major political party that is overwhelmingly white, xenophobic, hateful and ignorant. These guys are desperate and Rush and the crew are increasingly impotent.

Consider the just-released Pew Research Center data in the Dissecting the 2008 Electorate: Most Diverse in U.S. History report.

Black, Hispanic and Asian participation is up, and white voting is down. As a percentage of the population, whites' share of the voting electorate has decreased from 84 percent (1988) to 76 percent (2008). That's because the composition of eligible voters has changed in roughly the same proportion.

White voters did support John McCain (55%) over Barack Obama (43%) nationwide.

But white voters alone do not decide who is president, no matter the voter suppression efforts of John McCain and the GOP.

And the sub-headline at Pew: "Black women had the highest voter turnout rate in November's election -- a first". There goes the neighborhood.

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