Sep 22, 2023

BioSafety Group Launches Search Engine on COVID-19 Origins FOIA Documents is an open-search engine on FOIA-ed
collection of documents relevant to investigating origins of
COVID-19, notes the search engine webpage.

The BioSafety Now research group has launched a search engine that uses keywords to comb through some 75,000 pages of often censored documents the U.S. government has allowed the public to view after FOIA requests. is a "simple (open-search) search engine on the collection of documents relevant to investigating the origin of COVID-19," notes the search engine webpage.

Many of these heretofore government-held documents were obtained through FOIA requests filed by organizations such as USRTK (U.S. Right to Know), The Intercept, and White Coat Waste Project.

The Biden administration has consistently worked to keep COVID-19 origins information secret, and government-funded researchers have systemically mislead the public on COVID 19 origins questions.

This secrecy commitment comes over public-interest groups' and Republican Party objections, as the administration censored and banned Covid 19 information the government and its political allies falsely branded as misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

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